Wednesday, August 4, 2010

iPhone Review (Reader's request)

Reader's question on formspring "could you do a review on iphone?"

Hao de hao de, whoever you are. :)

How do I start? I'm like so bad at reviews cos, I've never done it before. D: Just a simple comparison can alr right? :S Hee.

Why you should get iPhone 4. (If you want :D) LOLOLOL.

P/s: Picture not edited. 
Left: iPhone 4
Right: iPhone 3gs

Picture 1: I used the camera..can spot the different right? Compare 5mega pix with 3mega pix. :D
Picture 2: The display of the iPhone 4 is like so many times clearer than the 3gs. Dui bu dui?(Right anot?)
Picture 3: iPhone 4 needs a micro sim card whereas iPhone 3gs, normal sim card.
(Baby cut his sim card into a micro sim. Free hand)

Everything about iPhone 4 is small! The phone itself already it's so damn slim, size all small small. Sim card also small. Cool right? Apple ppl can smarter abit only. :D Hehehe. It's weight, size and all also got big difference one eh! :D

What I like about iPhone 4g:
It's design, can 'facetime' aka, video call over wi-fi. I know, not like other phones cannot video call, but hey!
This is the first iPhone that can video call! Oh and....THE BATTERY LIFE LAST LONGER EH!

It's true!!! Just now at a certain time, my phone(3gs) was like 29% and baby's phone(4g) is 10+%.
Guess what.....MY PHONE DIED ON ME -.-''' Really last longer sia the battery. Not kidding one! :D

Hmmmm, like that only lor. :( Quite bad eh my review? :X


All of you countdown with me also la? Share my happiness :$ Hehehehe! :D