Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Eater Seafood Restaurant

Town with baby this afternoon, he end school early. :D Watched the movie "Precious" Like quite sad eh this movie. True story, ratings: 3.5 :)

Brunch at kofu before the movie. Didnt get my favorite ytf. :(

Went to Prada to find my bracelet but dont have too. :( What a "Everything also dont have." day for me.
Bumped into Baby's classmates at Ion. :) Off to Tanah Merah for some last min din dinz. :D We weren't even hungry at all lo. But just craving for some mr crabs! Hehehehehe! :D

Yup, that's the address if ya'll wanna go try. :D The food's not bad. :) First time tried their fried rice. Damn nice. Hehehe, baby is so nice to help me peel all the crab meat for me. Getting his hands all dirty and all. Hahaha. So I also be nice, help him clean hands lo. :) And  yup, we only order two things LOL.