Thursday, August 5, 2010


I'm awake! I'm awake! Stayed home to rest for the whole of yesterday and off to powerhouse at night with baby and the boys and not forgetting my Ps. :D How times have changed, crowd change some stay. LOL. It's been so long since I last hit the dancefloor. Now wake up already like quite tired plus hungry. Hahaha. Last time can club and go work the next day without even sleeping, now?, need to rest. Old already. Hahahaha! Last time use lightstick tecktonik, now use walking stick whack ppl. (via Vivianne) Hehehehe. Oh! Last night was drama mama at the dance floor. The girls really.....

Anyhows, I'm so so so hungry now. Baby's at school! :O Confirm tired ttm. He didnt even sleep. Ohwells... ):
Oh and it's gna be a long day tmr, work with Jolyn and then to meet Baby at night. :) I can't wait. Hehehehe!
I hope everything goes according to plan. :D Hao ba, I go ask my father buy food alr. Toodles! :D