Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kill kill kill

Like a sian at work now. All alone. Must play emo nemo songs already. Anyhows, sent the boyfriend to school yesterday and waited for him to finish UT then train ride down to town. (: Dinner @ BBQ Chicken before our movie. I think we just swallow our food the minute we put it into our mouths. Hahaha!!

We watched...

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A Perfect Getaway.
Ratings: 3ONLY!!!

Quite confusing but like okay only. D: Go watch it if you too rich. Hahaha!

Off to 3one3 to walkwalk after the movie. Like nothing much? (Cos 9.30 alr all closing soon) D: KFC for supper. Hannar hannar we fat alr. Should not eat more got people complain my bf "like fat only". Hahahahaha. Cute yi ke what can hug to sleep. Like a comfy only. Home sweet home and I fell asleep while waiting for him to finish to finish his mofolofo DOTAH-DAH! ):

Okay I very sleepy+hungry+urgent=butcannot go cos got customers. ):

P/s: I hope can meet you todaycos you going campingcamping. Like UPboy. Hahahahaha.