Thursday, September 3, 2009


Good morning fellow readers! ^^Y Hmm, I just got home from PH and slacking. I think today got like 14+ people. Opened 3 bottles of HENNESSY(If got spelling error, dont blame me hor!) Stayed/danced for awhile only cause bouncers spoil mood! >:[ Then end up cabbing to Pasir Ris to slack at a friend's chalet. All of them, gambler siaozxz already! (Y) Poor baby, lose money. ): Fetched bestfriend to her bus stop and boyfriend to his place then home sweet home.

Omg? I think I really need an organizer! ): Anyway, I shall go rest now I've got work later. Moodless and and I hope I can leave early or best, leave when LP comes. )':


P/s: I hate myself for being so selfish and forgetfull and I think I'm quite a useless person ya! )':
Because of my selfish-ness, you couldn't spend more time with your friends. ):
Because of my forgetfull-ness, our shopping shopping-dating dating is canceled. ):
I'm raelly really sorry. )':