Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy bao, happy boy.

Okeh, hello! I just got home not long ago! Am using the mother's iTouch secretly to blog. Yes, the mother has her own iTouch. How retarded can this be, I'm sucha noob when blogging with this iTouch. It's my first time okay. Work was quite fun today, kinda busy with alot of things. Hmm, same process again. Cannot wait til work end.

Oh yes! I think I've got like 10 over friends who dropped by at my work place. :D
To those who bought stuffs from me; thankew very much. You help me hit the daily sales target! ^^Y hehehe! Yay yay.

Awesome boyfriend came over to pick me up after work again X 7! Dinner @ HongKong Cafe! Eat until die I swear. Hahaha! Slack at the secret playground then went to ze coffee shop to get his happy bao. Eat until so happy like one small boy. So cutezzxz!! ^^Y cab home after that. It's payday by the way. I've to drop by the shop to collect my pay laterzxzzx.

P/s: thanks for the awesome-eat-until-give-us-die dinner treat darling. Hahahaha.
I never get bored over meeting you everyday. (: I hope you done feel bored seeing my action act cute face everyday. (love&owned)

Okeh this pot took me 50 minutes or so! I think need more practice! Hahaha.