Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surprised much.

First day of work, private sales. (Y) Hen hao! Almost late. Made friend like the minute I reached but forgot her name right away. How friendly you are Pris! Hahahaha! I think her name is pronounced as Eda, but she asked me to spelled it as Eedah! (Act cute much!) She 22yearold osme more! Hahahahhaha! :O

TheBoyfriend said he couldnt come over to pick me up after work cause he has schooooool stuff to do and wont end until 7pm! (HOW SAAD! not. LOL!) Can't wait til work ends cos I though I wont be meeting anyone after work, then can go home early give the mother see my face. Hahahaha! Clock strike 6pm! Dion said I can leave first. ^^V Dawn & Eedah jealousss! Hhahahahahaha! Ask BEST to meet me after work to get my YAMI YOGURT with me!

Stepped out of the boutique and and I think I stunned for 5secs like yesterday! Hhahahaha! Saw TheBoyfriend with TheBestfriend together! Hahahahha! Happy like anything! Happy like a little kid eating..YAMI YOGURT! Happy like there's no tomorrow. Laughing spell lasted for 6whole hours! (Y) Hen hao, hen hao!! YAMI YOGURT, Jumbo Pack wasnt enough for me! ): So fast finish. Hen sad! Hahahah! Baby, next time we go buy the TAKE HOME SIZE! $8.00!! SWEE BO? HAHAHAHAHA! QQQ.

Bus ride home, late dinner, aljunied river, home sweet home! ^^V TheBoyfriend very happy cause he found his favourite food number 5? Some weird bao! Hahahha! He even ate 2 of it. Nize! Hahahaha! Happy anot? Next time I buy for you one whole carton of it okay? QQQ! HAHAHAHA.

P/s: Er, darling, did you realised that, the bus ride duration like getting shorter and shorter anot? Hahahha! I think we should stop falling asleep in the bus! Off your sleeping spells when we take bus okay? Hahahaha!

4 ESSAYS, OWNED! HAHAHA! (Inside joke!)

Loved! ^^