Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures of You.

- Met up with PP like finally, after so looooooooong. (:
- Accompanied her to NDC to remove her braces.
- Town right after that to meet the bestfriend. (:
- Went to find Lp and slacked at the shop for almost an hour? Hahaha!
- My awesomeboyfriend came & waited for us over @ Orchard Mrt. (:
- Train ride to our usual hangout-place-on-a-Wednesday-night. HAHAH! (Y)(Y)(Y)
- Camera dropped, spoiled, lens dropped and now I can't upload photos plus my computer can't read the memory card. Nize~!
- Cabbed ride home with my awesomeboyfriend.
- Slacked a little bit then waited for his bus to come then, HOME SWEET HOME! ^^V

- Sleep in a lil'.
- Met awesomeboyfriend @ cwp.
- I think he's really an awesomeboyfriend because he still can go school for exams when he never sleeeeep! Nize~!
- DISTRICT 9 @ 5.25PM!
I swear that this is the movie you would want to watch! HAHAHA! DAMN NICE SIAAAA!!!! (Y) AWESOMEEEEEEZXZXZ! ^^V NOT!
- Slack time @ some library I've never been to before. LOL.
- Long long bus ride home! YAY! ^^V

*Will not upload photos until my camera's fully recoverd! ):
So this space will be rather boring for the next...let's say, few weeks? I dont know! ):

P/s: AwesomeBoyfriend, congrats, tmr UT at 8.30am! Very good, all ze best darlzxzx! ^^V Hahahaha! LOVE YOU X 1000000000 HOR! (: