Saturday, August 22, 2009


Chio bu sia, I like~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wo de camera cannot be saved! ): It cost a bomb to fix it! The father dont want to pay a single cent for me, that's even more sad! ): Hmmm, but nevermind, awesomeboyfriend say still can be used, means can. HAHAHA!

Suppose to meet Dawn for lunch today, but end up meeting for dinner instead, together with thebestfriend too. LOL. Chicken rice = awesome stuff! HAHA! Wanted to eat tau huay but too full already.

Slack a little bit then off to airport to fetch thebestfriend's father. LOL!!! Like a long never see them alreadyyyy! Then, ate again! VERY NICE. I SPENT 15BUCKS ON FOOD TODAY! LOL. Hen hao hen hao! KEEP IT UP!

Long bus ride home alone. Hahaha! Have to walk the path-of-scary-ness all alone! ): Then thebestfriend have to scare me by texting me "Later you walk make sure you dont step on anything okay" WALAO! LOL. MY HEART JI TAO DROP ON THE FLOOR SIA! I SWEAR! ^^W <---SUMPA (I SWEAR)! CASS, THANKS UH! LOL!

P/s: It's 3am already! 21 more hours! ily, s! ^^