Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Love's like a Battlefield.

Oh hi, Im down with flu plus I've got fever, 38.5deg! (Y) Well done. Suppose to meet Pp today, but my fever spoil the plans. ): Will meet you soon kay, (if you're even reading this) Hah! Oh yea, did I mentioned that I woke up at 7 in the morninig today? Hahahaha! Just to eat. Omg, then i went back to sleep after a few hours. Slept all the way til 2plus then, order macs. Yes, am sick but still order macs. Cravings for cheeseburger so badly. ): S was being such a good soul for wanting to help me call 67773777 cos i told him I was too lazy. HAHAHAHAHA! No brainsss?! I decided to order it myself. Very good, sick still can eat FF. Hahahaha! (Y) Today's the first time the food arrived like less than 30mins. Very good! (Y) So...skipped dinner. Woohoo~ Then honey star w/ yucky milk. (I only drink HL Milk)^^\/ Might be meeting BB tmr! YAY! ^^ Like a longgggggg time since I last saw her y'know! ):

P/s: Great, it's been 9months alr.