Thursday, July 9, 2009

You are a shooting star, That's why you are my favourite

Finally, a proper meet up with C! (: Late lunch at bugis! FFN ROCKS! Bussed to town. It's a "shop til you drop, cherron" day!! Hahhaha! She spent $XXX on clothes and the coolest thing is that...she she she...shave her hair! (Y) Nice! (Bb, it suits you. Dont keep saying not nice alr uh!)

Am I the luckiest girl or what? Saw a pair of shoes from far while waiting for C to come out of the dressing room. Asked the salesgirl if that shoes on display had sizes. And and and..."It's size 36, and it's the last piece!" Bought it right away! Hahahah! But, I'm not happyyyyyyy. Cossssss, the whole day, I only spent less than $30! Omg!! ):

Helped Cousin-love transfer money and and, I thought I was dreamingggg! Hahaha! The previous balance was like less than $20....but now is..... o.o!!! UNBELIEVABLE! ^^\/

Okay, I think I needa go to bed like now!! Going JB in a few hours time. Hahaha! Okay, I think it sounds retarded's the first time i go "overseas" with my friends, and I'm like 19 now! -.- Hahaha! Joke!!

Follow me on twitter okay! ^^ I think I'm gna keep msging twitter! -.- Hahahaha! Too much money to waste away. LOL! Tweet with me here.

P/s: "What if I need you baby, Would you even try to save me"