Monday, July 6, 2009

I used to be Love Drunk, and now I'm Hangover.

Woohoo, I think my blog is getting more and more boring and wordy? Hahaha, I'm saving up for a camo so that I can have more picture post k!! Stay tune! :D Kay'll try to recal what i did for the past few days..

I'll cut short aye. Hahahaha.

I cant really remember leh. ):
-Town with Best
-Met up with Michelle to catch up @ Boat quay.
They decided to go drinking then to PH.
-They pangseh us! So like like, only left with Best and me -.-
-Wednesday night. Hahah! It suck ttm.
It wasnt really a good night. I rmb one army guy touching me. I moved his hands away and step forward, closer to Best. EW, BUT HE STILL COME TOUCH ME. STUBBORN LIKE A HORSE. :@
-Syafiq came over from clarke quay to meet us.
-Waited like a begger outside the MRT station.
-Shutters open then caught the first train home.
-Breakfast with him opposite my house maket.
HAHAHA. JOKE. The noodle's so tasteless. *Next time rmb to take salt from macdonalds first okay.
-Home sweet home for both of us.

-Like nothing eh? I totally forgot!! ):
-I think met up with Dion and Boonchew for lunch at bugis.
-Fried fish noodles FTW!! (Y)
-Bugis street then town. Yahooo.
-TOWN...Hahaha. no comments for that night.
-Felt so left out and and lucky bumped into Daryl.
-Accompanied him to his work place then dinner with his friends at LongJohn.
Cabbed home after that. (:

-Omg, i seriously think that i've STM.
I forgot what i did on sat.
Oh oh!
-Bugis with Best and Dawnieeee.
-Shopped for shoes then town to meet Boonchew. (:
-L4D suck leh i think. Hahaha! Keep losing -.- Waste $$$ Hahaha!
-Ph after that to find some friends. ^^\/
-Alof of nasty thigns happened outside PH. Hahahah.
-They got no brains. -.-
-Slack at some coffee shop not far away from PH then..
-First BUS home. Hahaha!!
-Breakfast at the same market but different food now.
S keep complaining about the fooood. -.- Hahahaha.

-Off to FEP to get keys.
-S accompanied me. I swear he's a warewolf(Spelling error)!!
-Caught the Transformers2 with him then cabbed home.