Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday post for sissy! ^^

One year older alr uh. And you still owe me money! Hahahah! (QQQ)
Love you much kay, even though you're always asking me to buy things for you and stuff. LOL! YAY! XOXO.Y
I'm so bored. Met up with Pp today! ^^ Like finally? Cos like, damn loooooong never meet up with her alr. Hohoho! Cabbed over to TP to pick her up then off to Ikea! Woohoo, meatball feast. Hahhaha! we had like 20meatballs, poached salmon and and that daim cakey! (Y) I likey. Nice nice! Heh!

Off to Marina Square! Pp got herself a bag. Nice! (: Heh, then off to paragon cos I wna get my legged waxed. Hahahah! For the very first time in my whole entire life, today's the first time a MALE therapist waxed my leg. Hahaha! He look like Chris Daughtry. Hohoho! (Y)

"Say goodbye to hairy legs." at.....

Strip-Ministry of Waxing!
Paragon, 290 Orchard Road
#05-09 Singapore 238859
Tel: 6838 4874
Fax: 6838 2741

Their pricings are really REASONABLE! ^^ Is like really cheap to the max uh. Hahahah! Go TRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. (: My leg's smoooooooooth to the max. Heh! Yippie Doppieeee!

Then off to Far East Plaza to get my hair trimed! (: Super super cheap tooooo. I've no idea what that salon's name is. But, Serivce is good and damn damn effecient. (Y) Hehehe! And like like, my hair's got no different manz. Shopped around, and and issit me or what, I keep buying ringz today! Omg! :\

P/s: Dion!! I bought the pink superman ring alr. LOL. Too tempted and yea. Sorry! ):

So like like, i spent...$XXX todaaaayy! Omgz. Yahoooo! And and and i wna get that chio speaker! (Y) Home sweet home after that! (:

Oh yea, I've decided to close TEEN COUTURE down and transfer everything to WE.START.A.RIOT! Cos...Pp's busy with school, then I'm too lazy to handle two diff blogs. Heh! Sorry people. More info to be confirm soon kay! (: And thanks for those people who bought stuff from me at the FLEAAAA even though I've never post any entry saying that's I've a stall at the flea or what so ever. ^^