Friday, May 29, 2009

What you give is always what you get.

Priscilla's Pick!
Hahahahahah! Joke of 2 days.
She's forever making that face after customer walked in the shop.
I miss her luh. Hhaahha! And that W!! Cant wait for 9th June! W.E.P!!! LOL.
DP Wisma people! 9th June okay! Dont geh siao give excuse for not coming uh! Hiakhiakhiak.

Yesterday's with mom and sis. ^^V

I miss my mother while @ work today! ): Work's fun today. Cos....i think i influenced D to eat almost every hour. Hahahah! Sorry babe! ^^ Anyway, i'm beginning to get used to the working environment over at PP. I reserved alot of things today! Hahaha! Everyone's waiting for PAYDAY to arrive! :D Much excited!!! New stocks coming in tmr! Hopefully the clutch i wanted is here! Cant wait cant wait.

Rina: PRIS!!! do housekeeping at home one ah?
Priscilla: No, why eh?
Rina: No la, i see you everytime like so hardworking, pack2, sweep2, clean2. :O
Priscilla: Hahahha! Cos got nothing to do what! Must kill time. Then got SIC here also. Must do your job well.
Rina: Hahahaha! Basket you!! Then at home?
Priscilla: My mother loh! :\
Rina: So bad!!
Priscilla: Too bad. (:

Met up with BEST yesterday @ town after work. Caught a movie with her. NATM2! Best of the best! :D It's been so long since i last laugh so hard in theatre. Go watch it! I wouldn't mind watching it over and over again uh. Dvd maybe? Hahahahaha!!

To J: (If you're reading this.) Better to free uh! You treat movie, i treat dinner. Or maybe...the other way round.

P/s: I know you were there/near.Didn't even drop by, not even a friendly "Hi"/smile? Are you just gna not talk to me?