Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No more.

Dion said i havent been updating my blog. Sorry!! Dont have motivation/ inspiration. ): All i do now is work work work. Pms pms pms!! That explains why i'm so grumpy/cranky these days alright. Sorry. Hate it. Period's flowing like non-stop hits. Hahahahaha!! I need to go for another retail therapy. Anyone? Best? Dion? Next week? My off days. Anw, i'm being transfered to some other outlet. No more town area. ): Hmmm, more tiring after transfering, i've got only one off days. And i'm tired of it alr. My oh my!! Okay, went home tgt with D, since she stay so damn nearby my place. Today's finally my off day. G2BUD came over for movie marathon!! (Y) Eat alot to the max, okay, not really alot. Do it again some other day, but not at my place please. Hahahaha!!

FYI: Girl, I am no typical chinese. I know your secrets. Now that i've heard about you here and there, i know what you're like now. Dont judge me by my looks or whatever.

P/s: Peel prawn shells for me again?