Sunday, May 31, 2009

Putting on a brave front...

Hello earthlings! I just got back from Powerhouse. Drinks wasnt enough seriously. Didnt really get high uh. I had fun! Cos, rare chances for Kat to club! ^^ The 2 BFFs!! :DDD Hahahaha! Jasper, merlioned 3 times! Omg. Madness!! Tsk!! Brain's not functioning la! Going to work soon. In about an hour's time! This time, im gna bus to work! :D I've to stop cabbing seriously. Hahahaha. never easy!! )':

P/s: Glad that you said "Hi". ^^ Wanted to give you a hug. Anw, imy! Sigh! ):

From what i heard & think, she's just using you as a spare my dear.. :\
I dont know, but I just dont want you to get hurt. ):