Monday, June 1, 2009

Killing me softly.

(RobotNinjas Fringe top, Self-made bandage skirt.)

Guess whutz?! (WHUT?!) I slept for 18 full long hours yesternight!! 7pm to 1pm today! Yikes!! Walking zombie at work on Sunday! (Y) Hahahahaha! Today's MONDAY!!! Monday BLUES. Hmm? Got a text from cousin love at 2pm asking me out for a movie today! Straight away replied "Yes! What time? At where?" It's been so long since I last saw her!! The last time I saw her was........on LABOUR DAY! -.- Hahahaha! Okay, Ali tagged along! Hahahha! These two sillys!! :DDD The last time I her was LAST YEAR! Even longer eh? She said I became skinnier?! Happy, but I think, like no difference eh? Keep eating FF for the past week! Gawdz!

Okay anyways, met cousin love and ali at E2MAX! Hahahaha! Then went down to level 6 cos they wna play PHOTOHUNT! -.- Played few rounds then went to get tickets for... MONSTERS VS ALIENS! I tell you! Go watch, it's nice and cute plus it has a meaning to it!! (:

We wanted to book chamber after the movie but we forgot. -.- We had it all well planned already. Hahahah! Walked over to Wisma, dropped by at DP to say hi to my friends! ^^ Miss them so much!! :DDD They're still as nice as ever! And JingJing, you better come back to S'pore to visit us when you have the time ok? We'll try to send you off uh!!!! :D

Over to Topshop and I bought this top, INPULSIVELY!!! SHITZ. LOL!!

Cousin love went to meet the boyfriend after that!! Ali and I went over to FEP. Nothing to buy! :( Train home!! Ali owes me a treat at TIMBRE!! :DDDDDDDDDDD YAY! Home sweet home with Ali after FEP. ^^

P/s: She took the purple line hoping to see you on the way home.
Everything you say, everytime we kiss, i can't think straight.