Monday, May 18, 2009

Dont let our last kiss be our last.

Finally, i've got some time for myself to use com and stuff. I've been busy with work work and more work these days. Fun people i'm working with, very happy! (: Meet new friends. All damn friendly and joker. But I'll be transfering to some other outlet soon, cos i'm only taking over someone's place in that outlet. ): Sigh, just got to know these jokers for like 2 weeks plus then..gone!! Work's been good and bad. Good cos..E and W are the joke of the 2 days. Idk why, but they call themselves "Joke of the 2 days!" -.- Damn lame! Hahaha! And they influence me the word "Irritating!" Hahaha! To them, good or bad things also irritating! Tsktsk, Retard. Okay, pictures will do the talking okay? I'm damn lazy. D have been pestering me since about 2 hours ago. I've alot to type but i'm kinda lost for words at the moment. :\ Damnit! Overdues and recents! ^^

Bumb into this two fellow at GJ. Hahahah! Tecktonik King and "I like to disturb ppl NOSE" king.

Goodnight, imma go off to bed now. Am heading to somewhere tmr to get some stuff done and home to do my collection 3 since TC's quite dead now. Hahahahah! And tmr is my off day.

P/s: "Hi, didnt know you're here." - Just 5 words?