Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About you now..

Hello, today's work is like....busy busy busy, like Non-Stop Hits!! Til i dont even have time to finish my meal? (Or maybe..i eat too slow?) Hah. Almost late for work today. Phew! Reached in front of the punch card machine, 11.45am on the dot! Hahahaha! My heart was bumping like Panic! At the Disco sia! Hahahaha! Sales is on everyone! For those FashionFastForward members, they'll still get 10% off on top of those sales item!! :DDD Damn cheap i swear! Muahahahaa! $$$. Okay, finally! Like after so long, saw BEST! :D She pass her test! Yippie! Congrats!! Will make you smth and pass it to you on friday! (: Happy anot girl? Hehehe! I'm gna break my own rule just for you eh girl, on friday. Hah.. ): SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD TO THE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAX. Okay gdnight people. (:

P/s: She never knew things will turn out like this.
She sat all alone in the bus, crying her way home.
She didnt mean it. And she's sorry. )':