Wednesday, May 20, 2009

But today isnt independent day.

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Today is totally like a "Miss Independent Day" for me. Woke up with no one at home. Set off from home about 3plus. Next, go shopping on my own. Hahahah!! Well isnt exactly on my own. It goes like this, first stop was to Ctown to get materials. Oh and did i mention, i bumped into Yh, Heng and Ooi plus Haja in the train today. Next, walked over to PlazaSingapura. Yes i walked!! Passed by TheCentral. Went in, walked one round, nothing much to buy. Then continue my journey to PS. I literately walked into every shopping mall i see. Hahahah! It's like a Walk-a-ton day. Hahaha! Went into spotlight to get stuff then walked over to Taka to get food and then over to Wisma. Wanted to walked back to CityHall. Hahah! But got the sudden feel to go VivoCity. And so, just nice, was msging Scared.jpg, he was at Orchard mrt as well. Then...i got company alr! Not so loner. Hahahah! Went window shopping. Was expecting myself to get something for myself. But, there's nothing to buy. Tsk tsk. Disappointing eh, Forever21. Heh! Then then then, we went up, chill and had a lil chat. Slack then home. Hahahah! We can be BFF now!! Cos..we've like tons of things to talk about and all think the same. :O Hahahahaha!! Random things! Train home after that. ^^ So shopping all alone issnt that bad as what i thought afterall. (: Tmr work. Hahaha! Excited to see those "IRRITATING" people. It's gna be my last week uh. And i might go shopping alone after work tmr. Yahooooo. (:
P/s: Issit fate?