Thursday, May 21, 2009


(Revoltage Raglan, FEP Bandage Skirt)

Hello, I'll cut it short uh. Hahaha! I'm damn damn lazy to type in details.
Work: Morning shift, Stand for 7long hours straight(Irritating!), Reserved alot of items. (Y)
After work: Met Best, Cherron and her friend, Shana. ButterFactory. Suck eh! Damn pack like sardine. First time club until perspire. Irritating! Home sweet home after that.
Today: Sleep til 4plus in the afternoon, had cup noodles for late brunch. Did some things for my collection 3? Quite a few limited pieces for each designs. Then dinner at 7pm. (Y) Continue with the sewing and designing. Ok bye, i need sleep. Meeting the girls at town tmr. Retail therapy! (L)

Preview?? More items not uploaded yet. Heheheh.

P/s: So be it? )':