Monday, March 30, 2009

Uno do tres cuatro

i feel ur breath next to my ear

hey ppl , omg i only slept for 3 hrs . OMGEEEEEEEEE!!! is krazy man!!!
i am like a zoombie now .HAHAHAH!!!
HAHAHA i been sleeping super duper later nowadays
my mum say tat i have been following US timing , coool right .
HAHAH ppl go to work/working i still sleeping , ppl sleeping alr , i am fully awake .
WTH right . super duper power . i can move to US/UK to stay alr don need to worried
whether i can adapt to it .HAHAHA
anyway i am like planning wat to do my bday . planning to celebrate on the 25 april cos is falls on a sat then celebrate until like 12mn TADAAAAAAAAAA is my bday . hahaha.
should i do picnic ????? maybe in the afternoon or night ???
hahaha i won't make it in the morning cos
chalet and bbq out ah . cos LAZY to clear things . hahaha .....
CLUBBING AT NIGHT - should have or should not have ????
what else sia , ANYBODY GOT SUGGESTION ???
brain cells are running out cos nv recharge .HAHAHAHA -.- lame lame lame .
i gng bk to bed soon . HAHAHA . WOOOHOOOO mum bday is coming . is this wed ,April fool day . haha . coool right !!! but i cannot go clubbing , see i am like addicted to go clubbing now .ladies night .arghhhh haha anyway toodles for now . byeeeeee .
sand Y thanks for being so protective that night ,thanks for holding me when i am gng to fall,thanks for everything.thanks for telling me everything that is happening at the dancefloor.haha.fuck imynow . is was fun that night becos of you