Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cos all we had, is broken like shattered glass.

Yesternight was fun! PowerHouse after everything at town with Bestie C.
Before that met Kat and Liyong. (Sorry didnt helped much.But will do so for the decos.)
Because they played 'Unstoppable, Cookie Jar, Temperature, Krazy, Calle Ohco, etc..'
Met Leonie in PowerHouse with her friend. Forgot his name alr.
Went over to Macs with Cass, Fariz, Heng and Desmond half way.
Cos we is veh veh hungrey! D:
Rushed back cos Bev and company need to rush back.
Home sweet home with Y at 4 in the morning.

Will you dance with me like before anotttttttttttttttttt?