Wednesday, March 4, 2009

let me be the one to call u BABY
Today is a stay at home day , sleep until 3plus then wake up and it was raining like nobody business . spend my day using the com, and aft that went to pick my mum at kovan then go compasspoint for dinner AIJSEN :) .QQQ . hahaha during that short journey from kovan to cp, i was like fighting with my sis , walao that woman driving ah still can beat me , hahah but too bad i won cos i beat her until her arm red like nobody business .who ask her everytime want to beat me but i am too fast for her . MUAHAHAHAHA . anyway reach cp have dinner then aft that do some geocery shopping then home sweet home . haha .
oh ya i should blog abt ytd cos i am BORED ....
  • woke up early like at 9 am , (wow first time sia )
  • went bk to skool to have lunch with classmates ( john, adil , faruq , aijir)
  • then aft lunch off to tm to do some stuff .
  • then to town to meet yehao and the rest . walao i damn sad la cos i never play L4D .
  • then went back home like at 9pm .

anyway wont be gng out tml , AH WAIT ... hahaha forgot that i am gng to meet my sis tml . haha kay BESTIE P is SICK . poor her :( . will only get to meet her on fri 's night cos she is gng to be BUSY BUSY BUSY with her blogshop . ppl support her okay . anyway i gng to stop here . off to batheeeeeeeeee!!!!
sand Y

p.s : best friend is back from singapore . HAHA . hello asshole :) and i am not VIOLENT kay i dun kill ppl .....