Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home Alone III

Got up these morning and only realised that i gotta feverrrrr.
Went down my crib to get panodols + Fever sticker. D:
Now im all alone at home, Cousin's out to school.
Grams is out to her sister's place w Aunt.
Parents at work and sis...CHINATOWN! :@
Hahahahah, Okay, Can't wait for tmr!! Gna get more things to DIY for my new shop.
Gna sleep later when Yehao goes off for training!! (:

Viewing some awezomes stuff from Forever21 online now!!

Okay, i wont exactly wear these shoes out if i really have it, i'll just...use em' for shoots only.
Unless it's reeeaaaaaal comfortable.(:
I'm such a loser when it comes to heels! Hahahah! :O

Okay, off to bed now for a power power nap! :D