Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick to the maximum.

Hello earthlingsssssssss. I just woke up from my power nap!!
I have this feeling that nose's gna be so damn red by the end of the day.
I sneezed like a Non-Stop Hitzzz machine the whole of today.

My mom is the last one standing strong. Hahaha!
First to fall sick was DAD, then SIS, then ME! :@

Okay, im gna be a busyholic from tmr until the 10th march.

Reason being:
-Thursday: Getting materials for my online shop, gg back to sch to teach.
-Friday: DIY-ing of the stuffs. (QQQ)
-Saturday: Yehao's big day! (:
-Sunday: Part II of DIY-ing stuffs.
Most prolly shoots on Monday.
-Tuesday: Official opening! :DDD && Bestie C's concert!!!

Am really excited! Can't wait. :DDD