Thursday, February 5, 2009

Over dued entry is just, BooBoo!

The last day of class/school in DAVP PVA class people! Feeling abit happy but sad at the same time too! Like we just started to talk to them? Then leave. Aye yaye yaye! 3 pictures from Vashon's digital cam. Random+Paparazzi photos! Hahahah! Headed over to Subway for brunch with them then went back school to find Yehao and then home sweet home.

Last minute plans were made, got a called from Pauline saying that she wna go hit Chinatown to get some craftwork thingy. So went home changed and (Yeaaaaahh!) Here we are, Chinatown. Got our stuffs and..because i have a random brain, i came out with a random thought, a "Lets go to Fort Canning Park to do our things." kinda thought! Hahahah! RANDOM! Saw that the sky was a lil greyee, went to CottonOn to buy an umbrella! Woman's 6th sense, i must say, it's indeed, accurate! Right? :O It really did rain! Hahahah!
Tanning session with Pauline next day! (Check out the post entry before this!) Hahah! TangKew TangKew!