Sunday, February 1, 2009

& so i...

...talked to my parents about the 'ME dropping out of DAVP' issues. Uhm..went quite well? Mummy says i gotta be serious in what i choose in future blah blah blah and more. Bored X 10000000000

The Hundred and One things to be done asap! :
- Parents' permission to get dropped out of school.
- Appeal for Business Administration and be serious&faithful to that course.
(If failed to do so, either Private, Job or set up my own KAF boutique will do the trick.)
- Clear my cupboard & photoshoot with P for KAF.
- Have a new haircut done, or maybe change my hair color.
- More to add onto this list.

Because i can't take hardship and keep stressing over small lil things, im dropping out from DAVP. (Digital Audio & Video Production) I gave a thought back a few days ago, what if i really quit this course, will i ever regret it? What's more, i've just begun talking to some of my classmates. They're really nice & funny guys. So i kinda like can't bear to leave this class. But this course really needs the passion and interest. (OHMYGOD) Sighs, but anyways, Bestie C was telling me about this question, "What if i didn't stay in this Film Industry, wouldn't i be wasting my 2years time in learning all this production work?" That's what kept us hesitating and stuff. ): Someone? Anyone? Please tell me/us what to do. Omg!

Anyways, dinner at my place with Bestie C last night was great! We ate till we almost can't move? Hahahah! Made our trip down ti Vivo City after dinner. Wanted to shop? But (look at the time), like a little too late already. Heh!

So, today is a Sunday. I'm not out with my Bestie/friends. Spending time at home rottting and missing my sister? She's went for chalet last night. & now she's back, (Yippie yaya!) :D Hahahah! Okay bye. There's school tmr. There's still a few hours to decide whether to drop out or not to. (:S)