Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grey sky so high.

Okay, Omg??! I think there's like more than 30 images for this post! :O Hahahah! Yesterday, went Sentosa tanning with P. it started out Great! Then hours later, dark clouds passing by. Like forever and ever like non-stop hits yaw'll!! :@ Wasn't a good day for tanning. I was telling P about my 19th Bday plan, might be saving up for chalet at Sentosa Resort. (Surely change of plans after 4-5months time.) Hahah!

Went for the Fishy Therapy thingy. Omg! Ticklish like anything in this world! Hahah! Laugh like another non-stop hits again! (Giggles!) The thing last for 20minutes, but their 20minutes doesn't even feel like 20minutes la. Plus, the girl isn't friendly at all. I think, cheat people money one! :@ (Hmpf!) Hahah!

Went over to Vivo to meet Bestie C! Then to town to meet Boons. Recieved a call from Corns while shopping halfway. So he came, had dinner, stroll over to PurpleLight, slacked there and home sweet home after that.

Mom waited for me to be home, and like had some Y to Y talk with her last night. I think i made her cry? :O Being a good girl today, didnt went out today. Yehao came over to accompany me straight after school, which made my day brighter? Maybe? Yes??! Hahahah! :DDDDDDDDD (LH) Dad bought lunch for me! Hao liao! Shared with Yehao, and he went to meet Heng and Boons at CityHall then to town. Aye! They're having fun yaw'll! Hahah! Okay bye.

TOMORROW IS A CLASS'S CHALET???!!!!!!!! (Excited!)

P/s: Bestie C, rmb to bring extra 10Bucks to pay them cos we're staying over til the last day! Thanks! (:

Picture time yaw'll! (Twist!)