Friday, February 13, 2009


i am back to blog again IS FRI THE 13 , wooooo and i am being a good girl today , i stay at home on wed and today . supposed to stay home ytd butttttt i went out . hahha . bestie p came my hse ytd , she planning to come my hse to slp , haha but then all the sudden change of plan go down to meet yehao and the others at town . hahaha PLAY LEFT 4 DEAD again . yay !!! i beginning to like that game . hahaha seriously EXCITING !!!! haha , i always playing again bestie p . damn funny she everytime want to attack me from behind but failed to do soooooo!!!!! . hahaha my team win la . QQQQQQ . then aft left 4 dead , went koufu to eat , then movie timeeeeeee!!! . SLUMDOG MILLIONAIR . indian show leiiii but is english speaking . damn freaking DRAGGY la but the show not bad (like art flim those kind) . haha . kay aft show slack awhile downstair then cab home with p,y,judi . i am the last to reach home :( . hahaha punggol wat! tsk ulu place .

p/s : oh oh pris do u realise the salim look like who anot , rmb the days the skinny guy .seriously look like him la . i was trying not to laugh at the cinema when that indian guy appeared .

haha . TML is VALENTINE's DAY . my valentine day will be spend with bestie . hurray !!! QQQQ . still got no idea what we gng to do .

sooooooooooo .


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