Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lazy as can be.

I'll just make it short kay. Parkway, to collect photos then to National Dental Centre then to bedok with Pauline all the time. Ate like 1plate of chicken rice & fishball soup. She ate 2plates of Char Siew rice!! Saw sis and amelyn, walked her back to school for her Drama cca. (I gotta sign in and all those thingy-.-) Cabbed home with sis. Oh ya, forgot to mention above, Pauline and I cabbed from Parkway to NDC to Bedok. Hahaha! It is a lazy day ok! ):

Started baking right after we put our bags down. *ZOOM!!* into the kitchen with our aprons on. Hasn't stopped baking since 4pm til 7plus, 8pm. Skipped dinner. Because of those stirring and rolling and beating of eggs, i right hand is bigger than the left now. WL! But somehow, after all is done, felt just a lil bit hungry, I ate the liao only, because there isn't any grain of rice left! Dad ate them all! :O

Hao not going school tmr!

Sometimes, crying myself to sleep is good sense of exercise.
"Too close for comfort."