Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big V day.

So, yesterday day was the big V day. Did you guys/girls had fun? I certainly did! Hohoho!! Spent earlier half of the day with Bestie C and later of the day with the clique! like about 16 rockers turned up! Hahahah! We were told by Captain Heng to be at Bugis MRT @ 6.15pm and not any later than that! Hahaha! But some turn up like an hour late. :O Cabbed our way to Gold Mile Tower to have our sumptous dinner! Wheeeeee~ Happy like anything! :D The good was great though i didnt eat much. Hahaha! The rice itself made me quite full alr. Hahahahah!

Headed to Boat Quay after dinner to have more fun! It's the best and the most happening V day ever in my 19years of survival! Seriously! No kidding ya'know! (: Home early with Yehao, Bestie C, Kat & Alfred.

Peektours below! Enjoy! (:


I wish time will stopped @ 01:30am yesternight forever & ever.Y