Monday, September 24, 2012


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It was around the same time of the year but in 2011. The first time we hung out together. I missed your performance at Scape. Hahahaha! I remembered i bought you some lozenges knowing that you were having a sore throat and followed by dinner then movie. Plus a bus ride home.

Today/tonight, I was complaining so much about alot of things and how bad my day was. (Probably Monday Blues). Got a phone call from this guy in the picture, 'B, where are you? Come to your window lei.' :O

Amazing how one person can change my mood from negative to a straight up positive. Guess he is that special someone, he doesnt have to do anything. Just the smile on his face....will definately brighten up my day.

Okay, abit too much info. Cheesy cheeseballs. Hahahaha. But i still gotta say what i gotta say. :)

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