Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day of the week.

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Did I post this picture up before? I dont think so right? Mmmm,

First day of the week, how is your Monday treating you? :) I've been planning alot at work recently. Quite tired of it but at the same time, kinda like what I am doing. -.- contradicting much aye?

OT a little at work then dinner with baby!! Such happiness after work. Shiokness. :)

Me: Got some good thing to share with you later yo!!
Baby: I got something also :)

Me being all excited, walked as fast as I can to our meeting place. He was already there waiting for me. ( ^ . ^) Hehehehehe.

Me: What's that?
Baby: I buy burger for you.
Me: HUH?! But we eating KFC already eh. o.o
Baby: *retarded Alex face*
Me: Hahahahaha.-.-

And so, I opened up the box....wondering what kind of burger this fella bought. Hahahahahahaha.


It turned out to be....my favourite...

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TUTU KUEH EH!!!!!! SHIOKNESSSS. Plus there's a secret message in it too!!

"You'r the tutu to my kueh!"

I'm like....
 on the inside!! HAHAHAHA.
Hahahahahahahaha. Cuteness.

Accompanied him to his piano practice. Exam tomorrow for him. Poorthing you know anot. See him practice until so pek cek. I sit beside, trying not to laugh while reading 9gag. :X Hmmmm...

Oh yeaaaaa, he sent me home despite feeling tired AGAIN.
Feel so loved eh. :O Hehehehe.

One last thing before I sign out, please check out his new song! :)

Please help to share it on facebook, twitter, whatever.
Dont forget to download it too! Dont worry, it's safe, and it's free! Heh.

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That's all, aye aye folks.

x Goodnight x

P/s:Seeing our picture up on your phone as wallpaper.
You planting random kisses on my cheeks, forehead.
Receiving random text messages from you when I wake up, knowing that you dont like to be mushy and all.
Thinking of how lucky I am, to have met you, get to know you. Things worked out.
*poof* Here we are. :)

Sudden thought of you asking me "what would you do if I hold your hands?" So silly.
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