Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time Check:

3:16am. Just waved goodbye to mommy. Shes off for her Standard Chartered Marathon. 42km no joke. :8O Some good luck to her! <3

Can see she like damn on about this event. Hahahaha!

Papa sent her and her friend there!

Heehee, super cold night. Awesome weather tonight. Ya'll agree? :8)

Some movie marathon with the boyfee! <3

Easy A, now I know what most of the people are talking about. 'Pocket full of sunshine' hahaha!


The Next Three Days, super my type of movie. Hahaha! This movie make me ':8O' and 'O.O' and 'D8:' alot! Very climax! Wahahaa! Damn on one this movie. The family very very lucky I swear.

Pretty christmas tree in Takashimaya. ^^

Denim romper from Forever21.

Sian my collar bones like cannot collect water anymore. :8\

Okay, Toodles, off for some Dim Sum breakie later! ^^

Goodnight all!

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