Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Dim Sum

Since I've forgotten to bring my earpiece along with me, I shall blog on the go now. ;8) So hows your morning? Mine was EEKS ttm! Was really really grumpy in the morning, not enough sleep, slept at 4ish 5 in the morning, then have to wake up at like what, 9? 4hours of sleep is not enough for me. :8( Ohwells, but breakfast was awesome!

Uncle came to pick us up, 7 people squeeze in a 4 seater car is not funny! >:8\ some more road block and all due to the Standard Chartered race this morning.

Off to Chinatown for some dim sum! :8D Cant even remember whens the last time I came here already. The sun also not funny, so hot!

The food all, damn awesome!

Especially this! What Dragon's beard or smth? HAHAHA! >:8}D

Okay, this picture says Ive gotta do something with my hair!! So gross. >:8|

Favourite picture:

Color combo also nice. Hee!

Eeks at my sleepy face. (~.~)zzZ

Sis took off, to Douby Ghuat, and me, GO HOME!^^

Woo~! I've reached my stop!^^ Just nice! Cant wait to get my ass in bed. Need some good sleep!


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