Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Tuesdays

Hi guys, I just got back from swimming not long ago. Like damn long never travel all the way to zoolong(Jurong) already. One end to the other end. Not funny one.

Some pictures, from my phone and camera. Finally use my spoil camera. Quality sux. :8\

It's like damn peaceful uh this place. And very private. But I think it's only for SAF members.

Cant even finish my bowl of ramen. :8\

Eat until can see her face then stop. HAHAHA.

Hmmm,. that's about it luh. Nothing much. Then dinner with baby at 85! ^6 Heehee.
Some surgery moment, cos he got a splinter. LOL. I think he almost cry. HAHAHAH. :8|

I'm so tired. Goodnight.