Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Cooler Than Me"

Tried GongCha today. Jasmin delivered it to me at work cos she was suppose to go work tgt with me but, end up.....pangseh kia this girl. And....taste like sux lor!!! I suspect she put some rat poison inside. Or issit just me? :8\ Got this weird taste lor. O maybe Im weird. LOL.

Then my beloved sis came over to find me during work and waited for me til I end. Heehee! ^^
My favourite boy, Russel. Hahahaha. PATTERN LIKE THE BOYFEE. Teeheeeeeee!!! :$

Sis did this..... O.O

HAHAHAHAHA. Can what this sister. LOL. Pictory fanatic, so hot still give me one scarf to wear.

Jolyn came over to find me toooo. Wanted to bring some ai xin dinz to me but this girl...evil beaver. She forgot that she gotta meet another friend. LOL. Some friend huh.... >:8|

But never mind, cos she brought me some cookies. >:8D
Cute what this girl. Hahahha. Teddy bear! :D Teehee. Shall eat it tmr. :D

And then is off for some BFF and Frolick moments with the both of them.

The christmas lights like not bad what this year...so I decided to act like tourist. Hahahahaha.

Forever wear black one lor the both of us. Hahaha. Twin much.<3

I look QUITE tall here cos I was wearing wedge. Hahaha, act tall abit. But still fail...still shorter than both of them. :8(

Wahaha, this two...I'm glad that both of ya'll can clique. Hahaha. We 3 save $50 each for some secret mission ah okay!! Hahahah. On? >:8)

Home sweet home and then....gotta prepare for tmr. Some swimming session with sis and mom!

This mother, she really think she superwoman or something, Saturday just went for the SC Marathon. Then wanted to go jogging this evening but it was raining heavily. Like dont need to rest? Siao ding dong this mother. Hahaha!

I love to beat her back when I see her. HAHAHAHA. Damn funny this girl. 20 yrs old already uh...... >:8)

Okay, I'm tired already. Shall post up pics tmr if.......our plans still on.

Give me some good weather tmr uhhhhh~

Goodnight all of you!