Monday, November 15, 2010

Stomach Eggs

Woah, I just had maggi mee and now Im having some power pack stomach eggs! :8(

Anyway to the person on my fs who asked me to post the flb flea pics, tmr okay? Like quite tired.. :8\

Hmmm, so like, the usual, off to rp with my pp! Helped her jb her phone but weirdly, her phone like cannot? :8X eeks. Gave up soon after. Wakaka. Played some games while waiting for our boys to end school. ;8D

Hooked on this game, 'Doodle Fit' and 'Doodle Find' wahaha~

First time I see this Pocky. Like a cute uh! Banana flavour! Quite nice!! ^^

Okay think Im gon' sleep early tonight, stomach eggs, well done. :8\


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