Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Jolyn came to visit me at work and accompany til I end. ;8) She even bought me dinner! Heehee! <3 Some lovesss!

Her boyfee bought her this, like a cute!! Inside is.....

Hee! She wanted this ever since forever!! So sweet!! ;)

HAHAHA, fail hot pic!

Heeheehee, sorry lo, too tall is like that one, kena cut off the picture. >:8)

She bought me dinz, so I buy for BFF! ;8D

Favourite picture! :8D Some muacks for you Jojo!!! :8*

Jolyn: My nose always feel so itchy whenever I eat BFF, pls dont ask me why!
Me: HOW COME?? >:8)
Jolyn: *Grr


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