Thursday, September 23, 2010


WASSUP! I know this space getting a little B O R I N G.
Sorry about that, my laptop's down. Soooooo...
I think im just gon' leave it like until its fix. :(
Blogger via my phone is so troublesome, really! >:8(

Ytd was my last day at work. Okay awesome!
They offered me a position there if i wanna continue.
Its quite tempting but no, I pushed it away.
Cause I know i will be daaaamn tired every single day.
And my life will be so lifeless!!

Wakeup>Work>Home>Sleep. Not boring meh? WAHAHA!

Time check: 9.20am.
See what this job has turned me into?
No work, wakeup early feeling not lazy/tired.
Work, wakeup early feeling 'omg have to force my ass to get out of bed'.

Anyway, tmr's my sister's big day!
Graduation!:O wahaha! I have no idea what imma wear!

Okay gon' try to go back to bed!! :)

Til then..


P/s: Happy 14th monthsary chubschubs baby! <3