Sunday, September 26, 2010

Graduation 2010

 WAHAHA! Nose mask! Few hours before her Grad Ceremony.

What she wore:
Cdg shirt, Tie, Pants.

 Platforms! <3

HAHA, If I'm not wrong, this is our school motto or whatever?

And sorry for the low quality picture. It's so disturbing, I know! :\
I so need a new camera! :(
I miss my school so much, with my classmates and all. Doing silly stuff together.
Wahaha! Hmmm...dont know why after my batch left then their graduatio nceremony become to....
B U D G E T ? ?

Some more no aircon???!

Dinner after the ceremony. The father join us! :D
Yummy FFN! :D

YA LA, I know my face now very round and fat! :(
*sit one corner slit wrist /////////////////*

"Bomber" jacket, Topshop tank, De-stressed shorts, online store.

Went Tampines Giant/Ikea/Courts.


Just look at all the junk food, really.
No wonder my face......Sigh oh sigh!!!

The bill~~ My gawd!!!!!

Dinner with baby at Marina Square! :D