Monday, August 30, 2010

Retail Therapy

Just a short update for ya'll if you're wondering if I'm still alive and kicking. HAHAHA. :)

Sup girls! Went shopping for the past two days. Didnt bought much the first day. Baby bought the most! :O
3 tops and a pair of Birkenstock. And I bought myself a pair too. Hee. Town the whole day. Walk until out leg almost break. But baby's sweet, he massaged my feet at the end of the day. Kekeke! <3

Went Vivo to shop abit. Tried my luck, was hoping to buy some clothes, but nah. :( Nothing caght my eye.
Only this bag from Topshop caught my eye. Kekekeke. ^^

Look big in the picture but nah, it's small. Hehehe. Never regret. xP (I hope) HAHAHA.
Baby was like 'Poor longchamp, it's gna stay at home for the rest of it's life." :O
Hahahaha, act pitiful for my bag only~ Hmmmm, was hesitating on whether to get it or not. Then baby went..
"Buy la buy la." Hahahaha, then buy lo~ Anyway also not he carry. Hahaha.

Oooooh, and another skirt from Topshop caught my eye too! Hehehehe.

Goodnight, I'm tired alr. Theres work for me tmr. With my Jolyn#2. :)