Friday, August 27, 2010

Avater 3D

Town with baby.

Caught Step Up 3 again. (Jolyn confirm jealous once she read this!)
Hehehe. Awesome movie!
Buay tahan the robot guy. Hahahaha.

Avatar 3D at 9pm.
Second time watching this show and woah. It's still damn nice.
3D some more. But wear the glasses til my head pain. :\ W.E.A.K.
But I think kena scam lei. Cos the poster put "Never seen before footage"
Never seen my backside. All watch alr. :O
3 freaking hours. Like want to go pee also cannot. Cos scared block ppl view. :\
Poor bladder. LOLOL!

Bus ride home with baby.
 Sent to the door step and baby cabbed home.


P/s: Boy, I really missed long long long bus rides with the boyfriend. Heee.