Sunday, August 1, 2010

Juicy Couture

Weather was so fine today. Met baby early this afternoon at about 1ish. :)
Brunched together at kofu and then my desert was bff(Best Fries Forever) Hehehe.

Ong Bak 3 at 3.10pm. I fell asleep. Hahahaha! I dont know why I felt so tired suddenly.
Missed abit of the show. Dont know is about what. Hahaha! The other Ong Bak nicer lor.
Right anot, Ong Bak fans? :D

Off to Taka. Juicy Couture to hunt for my Vampire charm. But nope, they dont have it there.
Maybe not yet. :( Oh wells, patience abit. :D Hehehe.

So, no Vampire charm, but I saw the pair of earring I've been wanting since few months ago.
It finally came! :D Happy girl is me! :)

Pave-Heart Stud Earrings, in Pink!

Baby got me this with no hesitation. Hao. A new thing to my collection. Hehehe. :]
And I bought my Topshop nail polish. For 3bux! It's a steal. (QQQ)
My Juicy Couture Bunny earrings can rest awhile. Hehehe! :D

Nail polish in Voltage (Some what navy blue?)

Slacked abit at Ion. Went into apple store. Woah, filled with people, all crowding iPad/Iphone4.
Trend alr. Sooner or later, Apple products will take over the world.
Who knows, they might create iCam? (DigitalCamera)  Hahaha! Or, some cool high-tech things.

Baby explored the iPhone4, he cannot stop smiling to himself ever since then. :O
He cant wait for his to arrived. He ordered online. Quite excited for him and myself too eh.
Hehehehehe! :DDD The camera sharp like needle. Hen hao! (Y)

Home sweet home and I had crab for din dinz at home! Dad cooked! :D Hehehe. Awesome!
But my allergy is reacting. :( Sian.


BTW, I'm left with two Mini Floral Tote bags.
Any buyers interested? :D
Can put like my wallet, cosmetic pouch, iphone, charger, camera & cardigan.

Measurements can be found here:
I added stuffs too.