Thursday, December 10, 2009

Every Girls A Shopaholic

So tired. Here I am again, lying on my bed typing on my iPodTouch. Dinner date with bestlove was awesome. FFN FTW! Shopping was next! Its been the longest time since we last shopped like crazy kiasu kia! Hehehehe.

Don't be shock, but I bought a pair of flats. I'm not the flats kind of person but this particular pair caught eye from like 2m away! Hahahahaha. Asked for the right size, tried it on, and *Baam*!!! Seal the deal within 1min. Hahahahaha. Super cheap too. Hehe. Good and cheap, where to find?

Another was, an unexpected floral dress. Impulsive buyer I am. ): I guess I won't wear it unless in arms strink or what. Sell or not to sell? Quality super good!! And I got a blazer too! Okay not blazer but looked like one. Bought it in impulse again. Hehehe ^^v Keep buying like non-stop hitz lei. Hahahahah pls buy my thugs at the flea this Friday? I need to stock up my money. Saving up for a pair of jeans. Maybe April maybe Monday.

Okay, off to bed. Goodnight mofolofos.

P/s: 240mins. (:

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