Sunday, December 20, 2009

Attack Of The Zombiexx 2

The day that babycheesecake camp back from his 'cooking' camp. Proud of him cause he only know how to cook mash potatos! Hahahahaha!!

Met him for dinner and then movie and Iluma.

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Ratings: 4 and a half stars/hearts

Human transforming into blue things(Aliens) Very interestng. Go watch it. (:

It was kinda like my last day of work with LPretty girl. )': Quite proud of ourselves cause we didn't eat as much as we used to when we work together. Hehehe.

P/s: I'll definately miss working with you. So many things we wanted to do together but we didint have the time to cause of our off days like tanning, shopping, movie etc. All clash maxcore. ):

Best and her loverboy came to visit. Hehehe. Like a happy only. ^^ Pontian wonton for dinner with lp and friends. Funny bunch of people. "Hor? Hor?!" (Inside joke) HAHAHA!!

Best and I wanted to go dancingdancing shakingshaking but the guestlist got problem and super long queue. Wasted money on drinks. Dulan maxcore and my babycheesecake decided that we all go for L4D2xx. Hahahaha. Kill slash shoot shove them until 6am for first bus home. (: Still a fun night. I think we enjoyed it right?

5more days to Christmas and my birthday. Kekeke! ^^
Countdown with me everyone. (: Presents are welcome! >=8D

P/s: You've done so much and you gave in so much to me. Love you maxcore Dearie FiqsiePie.