Thursday, November 19, 2009

Short and Simple

Hi all, I know this space have been oh motherfucking boring ttm! Lack of updates and photos right? Blame my lazy bum! ):

So anyhos, being a good girlfried that I am.....I went over to RP to pickthe boyfriend up after school! The rain like free flow. I almost died of an heart attack? The lightning plus thunder combo really very scary! One so bright, the other so loud! Buay paiseh sia! Hahahaahahah.

And also, Thanks to Sherry the skinny girl. I didn't get lost in that nice factory looking school! Hehehehe! (: Eat laksa with you soon! Hahah.
Ate in school with the boy then....

Cineleisure is in our "Where are you going after this?" list. We watched MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN AGENT! Like nice only~ hehehehehehehe funny and exciting. Go watch okay I give, 3.5 upon 5 stars! Home sweet home with the boy! Had abit of heart to heart talk. (:

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P/s: On my way back home just now, I see old people love! Very cute one eh! I hope we can be the same as them!