Monday, November 16, 2009


As you can read from all of my Twitter post, I'm not in a very good mood today. Late for work, keep dropping things, menses cramp, no mood, don't feel like eating alot, sprained my ankle while walkiNg to the bus stop, my iTouch won't let me play games with her. What's next?

Anyway I just got home from work and heard a bad news from the mother! My god-grandfather just passed away today evening! I very sad now! :'( Like we used to visit him ocassionally and stuff but lose contact after one CNY. according to my mother she said He moved to china and came back, sold his house? I don't know. :/ And he dote on my sister and me also one lei, hor sis? (If you're even reading this) remember he always play with us in the room. Hide-and-seek or something like that. LOL? Sigh ttm!

Bye. ):