Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Baby Is Born, Crying Out For Attention

I'm back!!! Work ended early for me today! Yayness~
Made lovely sandwiches and bought bubble tea for my beloved Lp. (:
My flabby arm's all toned up a lil' bit right now, cause I've been slicing papers over and over again for 2hours!
The boyfriend came to pick me up from work again. Yayness again! ^^Y
Dinner at The Cafe Cartel. He just wouldn't stop eating those breads. Hard rock breads!
Bread_lover_90@cartel.com Hahahahhaha!
YamiYogurt for my dessert and some disgusting milkshake mixed with icecream for him. D:
Home Sweet Home.

Shall post up the rest of the pictures some other time, or maybe not. 

P/s: Act one cute only! But I loike~
Love you until year 3000.
♥ ♥ ♥